Path to Net Zero future

In today's sustainability-driven era, process industries are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact and achieving ESG targets. Unlike other AI providers, our advanced AI solution stands out by comprehending the intricate process logic, allowing for closer-to-optimum operation with enhanced control. This distinct capability unlocks unparalleled opportunities to reach and exceed your ESG goals. Embrace the transformative power of SentianAI and unleash the full potential of your sustainable ambitions. While significant CO2 reductions often require large cap ex investments that take long to implement our AI product is fast to install and offer significant reductions.

Drive Sustainable Transformation

Group 150

Up to 20% energy reduction

Increased production efficiency reduces energy consumed per tonne reducing CO2 per tonne

Group 238

Chemical Reduction

Example, Up to 8% reduced chemicals used in bleaching

Group 240

Water Reduction

Reduced water usage

Transform Your Plant Operations with our AI Assistant by Your Side