AI is crucial in addressing the challenges of declining ore grades, rising energy costs, and CO2 emissions for mining industry. SentianAI provides cutting-edge AI technology that empowers you to optimize your plants operations, make data-driven decisions, and achieve sustainable growth. With increasing demands to maximize throughput, improve mineral recovery, and minimize environmental impact, SentianAI enables mine-to-port optimization through advanced AI. Experience the power of SentianAI to optimize your processes, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve sustainable success in the mining industry.

Achieve Measurable Results

Increase In Throughput
Energy Reduction
Increase In Recovery Rate


  • Inconsistent crusher performance due to suboptimal operation and varying feedstock
  • Difficulty in maintaining particle size, quantity, and uniformity
  • Pressure on operators to balance energy efficiency and machine health while meeting production targets
  • Lack of real-time monitoring and tracking of ore properties
  • Uncertainty regarding whether crushers are operating at full capacity
  • Variability in the quality and homogeneity of fines produced
  • Reliance on few key senior operators
  • Achieve up to 10% higher throughput, improving overall production efficiency
  • Reduce the need for re-crushing, saving time and resources
  • Stabilize crushing process and optimize performance
  • Predicts and adjusts ore feed rate in real-time for optimum loading and efficient rock-on-rock crushing
  • Reduces wear and tear on the crusher, prolonging its lifespan and minimizing maintenance costs
  • Automates calibration of set-points, eliminating the reliance on gut feeling predictions
  • Improves crushing performance, increases capacity, and stabilizes production of fines


  • Poor visibility of the grinding process
  • Standardised operational recipes that does not adjust to feed
  • Planning and feeding issues
    Lack of precise knowledge about input and output ore properties
  • Absence of a ball feeder for ball mills, hindering efficient operations
  • Difficulties in maintaining target size and distribution due to variations in particle size or hardness in the feed
  • Reliance on few key senior operators
  • Achieve more than 10% improvement in throughput performance
  • Dynamic optimization of mill load based on real-time conditions, ensuring optimal performance
  • Adjust production variables (feed, ball charge, speed) for maximum efficiency
  • Reduce liner damage, leading to cost savings and increased equipment lifespan
  • Decrease power consumption, resulting in improved energy efficiency
  • Enhance process stability and control, reducing variability in output
  • Utilize data and AI to make informed decisions and optimize grinding operations
  • Improve product quality by maintaining target size and distribution consistently


  • Unstable flotation process
  • Reliance on standard recipes as the best practice for operators, limiting optimization
  • Lack of suitable instrumentation for online analyzers, hindering accurate monitoring of key parameters
  • Limited availability of real-time data on critical variables such as mineral composition, particle size, and froth characteristics
  • Difficulty in maintaining consistent and reliable measurements due to process variability and equipment limitations
  • Reliance on few key senior operators
  • Optimization incorporates operator insights and experiences for process optimization
  • Up to 4% improvement in recovery rate and sometimes more
  • Improved understanding of complex interactions between variables, leading to more precise control strategies
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities based on comprehensive and up-to-date data
  • Increased operational efficiency, stability, and consistency in the flotation process
  • Optimization of reagent dosing and flotation conditions to maximize recovery and minimize waste

SentianAI offers a step change improvement to the manufacturing industry, via AI-powered control systems that automatically learns, adapts, and gets better over time, leading to significantly increased production, reduced energy cost and emissions.


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