Powering algorithmic business


Example Point Solutions

Predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, multi constrained optimization, prescriptive solutions

Learning solutions for an

algorithmic future

There is a great opportunity to create real transformation through becoming an algorithmically led company. Most industrial and telecoms companies have a great tradition of excellence in engineering. However, in order to become a leader in the industrial internet era companies must treat a lot of challenges as a computer science problem rather than an engineering problem.

Sentian.ai provides state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions and services that powers learning solutions harnessing data and algorithms to transform end evolve industrial and telecoms companies.

Leading technology

Sentian.AI takes the next step in machine learning and AI to the industrial and telecoms sector delivering faster and more accurate predictions and optimizations.

From automation to optimization

Sentian.ai’s highly experienced team enables businesses to move from simple analytics solutions to intelligent optimizing solutions and automation that truly leverage the potential of algorithms and data, both structured and unstructured.

The power of AI and machine learning is its capability to learn from data and it applicability to multiple challenges. Rather than being programmed for each solution and event it learns from data. Using our AI platform we can address a wide range of difficult challenges.

World class technology and team

We have a world class team of data scientists and engineering talent that is leading the way in algorithmic solutions for the industry and telecoms.

Best of breed open source technology form a stable back-end for our intelligent layer and point solutions, giving us an edge in rapid development and cost structure. Our background in bio inspired computing put us at the forefront of the AI and machine learning field.