Powering algorithmic businesses

Sentian.AI offers learning state of the art AI and machine learning solutions that improve efficiency, speed and availability, lower customer complaints and cost while transforming your business into an algorithmic operation.

Exponential evolution

AI technology as well as sensors are evolving exponentially and are subject to the same intense evolution that computer speed and data growth are. This opens up great opportunities for transformation but also creates the risk of being sidelined in the evolution. Sentian.AI is at the forefront of this technological evolution and can help large companies to transform and evolve as fast as the technology.


Most companies are collecting a lot of data but are still not using it at even near its potential. The most common approach is to use Business Intelligence (BI) tools or simple of the shelf algorithms to analyze the data, which is far from the prescriptive and highly optimized self-learning solutions that is possible.

Point Solutions

Industrial companies and telecom operators use Sentian.AI to improve business critical operations. Examples of point solutions: • Predictive maintenance • Anomaly detection • Multidimensional optimization • Prescriptive solutions

Predictive maintenance

Critical capital intensive operations, problem with availability and unscheduled down time, high maintenance costs are all situations when companies can benefit greatly predictive maintenance. By using data from sources such as sensors, purchasing, engineering, maintenance management, personnel, accounting, and operations it is possible to find the data patterns to increase efficiency, often very significantly. The key to success is to move from being reactive to proactive through predictions.

Anomaly Detection

Many companies face unexpected behavior i.e. anomalies in their operations, from logistical systems to fleet management solutions, sensors that can lead to component failures and many other cases. It is often difficult to detect anomalies as the data may be sparse or noisy and there usually lack of good training data. Sentian.AI’s has the expertise and the best tools for solving these challenges in real time solutions.  

Multidimensional optimization

Optimization is a hard problem that impacts a lot of areas from fleet management to other planning solutions, performance as well as control solutions. In many complex cases optimal solutions can take a long time to compute and near real-time need for action may lead to suboptimal decisions taken by people instead.

By using the most modern optimization tools Sentian.AI can outperform older technologies and deliver near real-time optimized solutions.



Prescriptive solutions

Prescriptive analytics takes predictions one step further by proposing a course of action based on predictions. This is very useful where there are a set of alternative paths that can be taken and it may be a complicated decision due to multiple variables that need to be optimized.

Customized solutions

Sentian.AI’s team of data scientists and engineers can work with you to create custom AI and machine learning solutions. We have the technical expertise to help your evolve and transform your business and will work with you to deliver a custom solution