Telecom companies are under high pressure to reduce cost of operations and drive efficiencies. Through advanced AI and machine learning the telecoms sector can reduce cost of operations, improve customer satisfaction and reduce cost of customer care.

Networks maintenance

By gathering data from the network and CRM/care systems it is possible to improve availability and reliability of the networks as well as improving the average available speed to the end user.

Anomaly detection

Reduce cost of operations through anomaly detection in networks and logistical flows. By using state of the art AI it is possible to find the patterns and deviations and automatically or through improved insights reduce cost and improve operations. 



Industrial companies

With increasing competition on a global scale the industrial sector is under pressure to use and explore the leading edge technologies that is transforming the sector. AI and machine learning are key technologies to succeed in capturing new opportunities

Construction, Heavy Industries

Optimizing planning, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance can add significant improvements to operations, reducing cost of down time and improving output.

Where standard optimization technology takes hours and sometimes days new AI technologies can offer near real-time advice which means improved decision making and improved site availability. Dynamic anomaly detection can find those irregularities that causes problems and Predicative maintenance further optimizes the operations by reducing cost of maintenance, spare parts and reduces the risk of unplanned down time. 

Electronics, Automotive and process industry

Producing sectors can benefit greatly from the latest AI and machine learning technology to improve service and maintenance through predictive and prescriptive analytics. It can also be used for anomaly detection in production lines where deviances can be hard to both detect and find the root cause for. Optimizing the design for constrained areas can lead to significant savings where new technology can be a leading factor.

Electronics, Engineering and manufacturing

With high volume and high velocity, it is key to have the best service and maintenance. Reduce unplanned maintenance and develop sustainable maintenance strategies that minimize production disruptions while improving asset utilization and yield through Predictive Maintenance. Use AI and machine learning for greater insights where state of the art technology can give you an edge on the competition.

Advanced and high speed optimization can be a key solution for complex situations in planning and operations with multiple constraints and dimensions.